Shrimp Creole – Louisiana Fish Fry Style

But, it’s not what you think.
I’m not frying fish.

I’m using entree meal packets from Louisiana Fish Fry to see how good they are, and to let you in on how we like them.

Lately, BW not only stands for Bayou Woman–it stands for Busy Woman.  Some weeks, I’m just either too tired to cook a big meal from scratch, or too tired to even plan or think about cooking a full meal.  Because we love local cooking so much, I am hoping that Louisiana Fish Fry has made a tasty way for me to put good bayou and Cajun cooking on the table without quite as much time and energy.

Today, I chose…


…to put to the test with company coming to eat, no less.

Shrimp Creole Ingredients
Louisiana Shrimp Creole Dinner Mix
One pound shrimp, cleaned
One small can tomato sauce
Two cups water

Serve over rice and enjoy!

All you to do buy are three items, a few of which you may already have on hand.  Follow the simple directions on the back of the packet.  The only thing I did differently was add a little more water as it simmered because I felt it was a little too thick; and I added a pinch of ground cayenne pepper for a little pep.   We ate it with fresh, warm French bread, too!  I have to give this one a thumbs up!  Everyone ate it and liked it.

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  1. Your cooking postsalways make me so hungry!!! Sam hasn’t made a jambalay in a long time. I’m going to have to invite some people over so that he’ll have an excuse.

  2. Johnsonville??? Savoy and Vernon went under????

    Mark, she’s cheating again.

    I’ll put in for Dirty Rice. Worked with orphan who made a killer thing involving chicken livers by same name. His wife wouldn’t let him make it unless it was headed out door as soon as done.

    Unbelievable bayou style downpour going here.

    1. I just posed that for the photo . . . I used Mandy’s local sausage for the recipe. I wanted folks to see they could buy a name brand of andouille. I always have a reason for the madness . . . .

    2. Blu, one of the Veron’s grand kids bought out the family and took it national. Its not what it used to be when it was made in Lafayette, Houston and Gramercy. Its now all made in Prairieville in super mass quantiles to government regulations. I opened up a bag that was actually slimey and was so upset I wrote and that is when one of the of the sons wrote back telling me the story.

      BTW I did get an EMail from the Company telling me they were sorry and it was due to heat degradation,. Well Doh! It was spoiled and slimey! A six year old could tell that.

      Stick with Savoy or theres a new one out, Ralph’s its smoked with pecan wood.

  3. It’s a toss up for me. Etouffee or the BBQ Shrimp would be my choice to try. I make a good Faux Etouffee, but I haven’t found a good BBQ Shrimp product I like. However…I haven’t tried La. Fish Fry’s.

  4. You sent people out for Johnsonville though, right?

    Did you actually eat that stuff? I will admit to buying a gumbo mix and crab boil from them but sits unused after a couple years.

    Lot of lightening for only 3/4 inch rain.

    Well come Monday red beans?

  5. Ettouffee for the win! But I don’t think I ever cooked it unless fresh green onions are available.

    Heck from scratch its done before you can cook the rice.

    BTW when the green onions are fresh, you can get those cheap chicken tenders from the grocery and its pretty dang good.

    Two meals require fresh green onions at my house, ettouffee and white beans.

    Sorry, I’ll go back to my corner now.

  6. First choice is the Gumbo Mix. We like a good soup with lots of goodies in it. Then I might have to try the red beans & rice. Please tell me all of this is okay for our new diets. BW – Allen had a surprise bypass surgery 3 weeks ago.

  7. I’m with Steffi and cast my vote for trying out the BBQ Shrimp mix. If it rivals Pascal’s Manale then they’ve made a new customer! Breathlessly awaiting your review BW.

  8. I’m voting for the BBQ Shrimp mix. I’d love to try but I just can’t force myself to buy shrimp from Wal-Mart. Guess I need to make a road trip south.

  9. Very recent convert to green onions. Great Tune BTW.
    Anyhow used them in my yukon gold tater salad with blue plate mayo and secret seasonings.

  10. Ettoufee is my choice but the Gumbo comes in second only because my next door brought us a very good gumbo this week-end and three layer chocolate cake. I love to cook but this lady is a COOK . I was nice and took her homemade green tomato relish I canned on Saturday.

      1. You’re North Louisiana upbringing is coming out. I’d never heard of green tomato relish on fried fish till about 10 yrs. ago. The family had moved here from Bossier.

        1. Okay, WITH fried fish, not actually ON it. Those folks from Bossier know a thing or two about what’s good with fried fish . . . especially freshwater fish! (I’m from Bossier, ya know?)

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