Neotropical Migratory Birds! — 8 Comments

  1. Beautiful pictures! Yes, that was a worm eating warbler. We saw quite a few of them when we caught a few days of migration on the Dry Tortugas. We’re hoping to be on Grand Isle next spring for migration. We want to catch a fallout!

  2. Oh – I forgot to mention you identified all birds correctly with the exception of the Kentucky warbler. Since I can’t see very many markings on the bird, I can’t tell you what it is. It could possibly be a vireo as well as a warbler.

    I’ll have to tell you sometime about this new bird guide (electronic) thing that I have.

  3. Beautiful pics. I’m ignorant when comes to identifying birds. About the only ones I ever see are Sparrows, Blackbirds, Cardinals,Woodpeckers, and a Hawk. I love to watch him “hunt”. There is an Owl in the neighborhood, which I’ve seen a few times but hear frequently. I may have to try G.I. for something other than camping and fishing.

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